Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why should I use field management software?

Today I am going to teach you some basic tips & tricks about field management softwareAs the name suggest, field management software can be used for any kind of field application, you can even combine field management software with sales tracking software if you have a sales team that works on the field.

Our field management software is ideal for applications that include natural resource management, by using our software you can find out what it costs to maintain your equipment, where your assets are and how well they are utilized. This is why we offer you our best field management software to help your business thrive, you will increase your business efficiency and profitability.

By using our software you can ensure that third party costs are managed correctly, you can maintain an accurate and current understanding of the project cost to date, tie billing and payroll with a single entry into one system. Companies that have a significant field activity can gain better control over their business and increase their agility, they can ensure that maintenance is proactively managed and tracked and get a better visibility of inventory, of labour cost and material cost.

If you use our field management software you can streamline your operational process by removing duplicate data entry, gain a 360 visibility into every job cost and inventory level, reduce the bill collection time to help improve the cash flow. I highly recommend our field management software because we know how hard it is to run a business in a field environment, we know that the pressure is always on .

In a competitive market you want to offer customers a compelling value proposition once you have the two things matter the most to you, the first is that you need to manage your project costs carefully and two, you need to make sure that you can bill your hard cost to the customer at the end of the job. Our field management software should be able to help you with these tasks, the trouble is that most companies have multiple systems running at once and these systems do not communicate well with each other.

The problem is that with multiple systems the same data can be entered several times and mistakes are inevitable. As a manager all of this makes it impossible to know the exact project derivables and costs but do not worry because if you decide to use a field management software you will be able to see the whole picture.

The field view function of the software allows you to manage multiple key factors of your business. Most fieldmanagement software, including our own offers you the possibility to invoice your customers electronically.

   We know that the moment of truth on any project is if you are making money or if you are loosing money on any project, by using our software you have control than ever as you can prepare a comprehensive budget that can be tracked down to the last penny.