Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maintaining Your Field Service Management Software

You have purchased your field service management software. Depending on the features, you might have spent a fortune to purchase your copy of field service management software. The amount of money you spent also depends on the company that you bought your software from. With this in mind, it is a good idea to protect your investment. Not only because you spent a fortune acquiring it, but considering the important task that has the field service management software played in your business. In this article, l will discuss how to maintain your field service management software.
Get a Valid Warranty
Before purchasing your copy of the software, the first thing you should insist on is a valid warranty. If the shop owner does not give a warranty or gives a very short warranty, this is a red flag. A shop that cannot give you a reasonable warranty might be stocking pirated or poor quality software. Avoid buying software from such shops. The warranty should be valid for a minimum of two years. Make sure you read the terms of the warranty to note the exclusion clauses. Keep your warranty in a safe place to avoid losing it.
Software Updates
Confirm the update policy of your field service management software. Some software companies insist on payment before they update your software. It would be uneconomical to buy software that you will have to pay every time you wish to update it. I would suggest that you get a company that provides free regular updates. This will help your business continue enjoying the function of the field service management software without forking out extra monies. The number of updates depends on the type of software you bought. Confirm all these details before you purchase your software.
How Secure is Your Software?
Another reason why you need to confirm the update policy is to ensure that your software is free from security threats. Malware and viruses plague the virtual world. There are hackers from every corner of the globe who are ready to profit from any information they can steal from your company. To prevent this, test the vulnerability of your software. You can hire internet security expert to do this for you. Always ensure that you update your software. Purchase a copy of antivirus software. The security of your business should always come first.

With the three tips discussed above, you should be able to enjoy the functions of your software for a much longer time. By using the tips provided, you will also save your business some money. Get a software consulting firm to assist you in implementing these tips. However, if you can be consistent in maintaining your software, there is no need of hiring the software consulting firm. I would suggest that you run these maintenance procedures as the need arises. Waiting for a specific date or delay in maintaining your software will turn out to be too costly in the end. Always stay ahead of any threats to your company in relation to your field service management software.