Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to manage your team with scheduling software

Today I am going to explain how to use some specialised scheduling softw

are in order to properly manage your team or your business, this software is highly versatile and it is a must if you want to properly manage your business.

  If you find yourself constantly on the phone on in your email trying to make last minute shift changes or keep track of your employees availabilities or if your employees show up late or are absent to work, you might want to consider using some specialised scheduling  software.

   Keep in mind that our software can also be used to organise important events for your business because of the calendar function, it is not only good for employee management but it is also a great tool to use for efficient time management in your business.

   Any type of scheduling software must have a high quality dashboard where you can make any action that is vital such as vacation approval, schedules that include publishing, shift change requests and more.

   The dashboard is also the key to any kind of messaging systems within the software such as the employee message interface or the private message system.

   From the dashboard of our scheduling software you will also have access to the staff list as well as the ability to view your upcoming shifts.

   Our scheduling software provides you with some quick navigation links that you can find in the dashboard, these include account settings, availability and the profile link with your personal profile details.

   The schedule tab is the heart of the schedulingsoftware, it is the area where the bulk of scheduling related tasks will be completed.

   There are multiple main views in the schedule tab, they allow you to create shifts by employee or by position.

   From listening to our clients we realised that the most familiar scheduling method must involve placing the default tab on the employee as the majority of schedulers are coming from a paper or an excel format.

   Our default view works very similar to a spreadsheet and allows you to simply click on the day or the employee grid.

   To enter the work time for your staff keep in mind that once you enter the time into a field our scheduling software will automatically create one shift.

   Once the shift time is added you can click on it in order to access the shift editing window.

   The position view in the dashboard is quite similar to the employee tab view, only the aspect has changed as the views are located in the opposite side.

   Positions are generally analogous to the action positions like manager, physician or cook but they can also be used as departments or other levels of organisation.

   In the position view you can simply add the shift time, it is basically the same as in the employee tab view, you can also click on the shift and edit the details and assign staff.

  On the shift edit window you may find the list of staff broken down by their availability, then this makes assigning the right people with the right shifts quite easily.