Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why should I use field management software?

Today I am going to teach you some basic tips & tricks about field management softwareAs the name suggest, field management software can be used for any kind of field application, you can even combine field management software with sales tracking software if you have a sales team that works on the field.

Our field management software is ideal for applications that include natural resource management, by using our software you can find out what it costs to maintain your equipment, where your assets are and how well they are utilized. This is why we offer you our best field management software to help your business thrive, you will increase your business efficiency and profitability.

By using our software you can ensure that third party costs are managed correctly, you can maintain an accurate and current understanding of the project cost to date, tie billing and payroll with a single entry into one system. Companies that have a significant field activity can gain better control over their business and increase their agility, they can ensure that maintenance is proactively managed and tracked and get a better visibility of inventory, of labour cost and material cost.

If you use our field management software you can streamline your operational process by removing duplicate data entry, gain a 360 visibility into every job cost and inventory level, reduce the bill collection time to help improve the cash flow. I highly recommend our field management software because we know how hard it is to run a business in a field environment, we know that the pressure is always on .

In a competitive market you want to offer customers a compelling value proposition once you have the two things matter the most to you, the first is that you need to manage your project costs carefully and two, you need to make sure that you can bill your hard cost to the customer at the end of the job. Our field management software should be able to help you with these tasks, the trouble is that most companies have multiple systems running at once and these systems do not communicate well with each other.

The problem is that with multiple systems the same data can be entered several times and mistakes are inevitable. As a manager all of this makes it impossible to know the exact project derivables and costs but do not worry because if you decide to use a field management software you will be able to see the whole picture.

The field view function of the software allows you to manage multiple key factors of your business. Most fieldmanagement software, including our own offers you the possibility to invoice your customers electronically.

   We know that the moment of truth on any project is if you are making money or if you are loosing money on any project, by using our software you have control than ever as you can prepare a comprehensive budget that can be tracked down to the last penny.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to manage your team with scheduling software

Today I am going to explain how to use some specialised scheduling softw

are in order to properly manage your team or your business, this software is highly versatile and it is a must if you want to properly manage your business.

  If you find yourself constantly on the phone on in your email trying to make last minute shift changes or keep track of your employees availabilities or if your employees show up late or are absent to work, you might want to consider using some specialised scheduling  software.

   Keep in mind that our software can also be used to organise important events for your business because of the calendar function, it is not only good for employee management but it is also a great tool to use for efficient time management in your business.

   Any type of scheduling software must have a high quality dashboard where you can make any action that is vital such as vacation approval, schedules that include publishing, shift change requests and more.

   The dashboard is also the key to any kind of messaging systems within the software such as the employee message interface or the private message system.

   From the dashboard of our scheduling software you will also have access to the staff list as well as the ability to view your upcoming shifts.

   Our scheduling software provides you with some quick navigation links that you can find in the dashboard, these include account settings, availability and the profile link with your personal profile details.

   The schedule tab is the heart of the schedulingsoftware, it is the area where the bulk of scheduling related tasks will be completed.

   There are multiple main views in the schedule tab, they allow you to create shifts by employee or by position.

   From listening to our clients we realised that the most familiar scheduling method must involve placing the default tab on the employee as the majority of schedulers are coming from a paper or an excel format.

   Our default view works very similar to a spreadsheet and allows you to simply click on the day or the employee grid.

   To enter the work time for your staff keep in mind that once you enter the time into a field our scheduling software will automatically create one shift.

   Once the shift time is added you can click on it in order to access the shift editing window.

   The position view in the dashboard is quite similar to the employee tab view, only the aspect has changed as the views are located in the opposite side.

   Positions are generally analogous to the action positions like manager, physician or cook but they can also be used as departments or other levels of organisation.

   In the position view you can simply add the shift time, it is basically the same as in the employee tab view, you can also click on the shift and edit the details and assign staff.

  On the shift edit window you may find the list of staff broken down by their availability, then this makes assigning the right people with the right shifts quite easily.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maintaining Your Field Service Management Software

You have purchased your field service management software. Depending on the features, you might have spent a fortune to purchase your copy of field service management software. The amount of money you spent also depends on the company that you bought your software from. With this in mind, it is a good idea to protect your investment. Not only because you spent a fortune acquiring it, but considering the important task that has the field service management software played in your business. In this article, l will discuss how to maintain your field service management software.
Get a Valid Warranty
Before purchasing your copy of the software, the first thing you should insist on is a valid warranty. If the shop owner does not give a warranty or gives a very short warranty, this is a red flag. A shop that cannot give you a reasonable warranty might be stocking pirated or poor quality software. Avoid buying software from such shops. The warranty should be valid for a minimum of two years. Make sure you read the terms of the warranty to note the exclusion clauses. Keep your warranty in a safe place to avoid losing it.
Software Updates
Confirm the update policy of your field service management software. Some software companies insist on payment before they update your software. It would be uneconomical to buy software that you will have to pay every time you wish to update it. I would suggest that you get a company that provides free regular updates. This will help your business continue enjoying the function of the field service management software without forking out extra monies. The number of updates depends on the type of software you bought. Confirm all these details before you purchase your software.
How Secure is Your Software?
Another reason why you need to confirm the update policy is to ensure that your software is free from security threats. Malware and viruses plague the virtual world. There are hackers from every corner of the globe who are ready to profit from any information they can steal from your company. To prevent this, test the vulnerability of your software. You can hire internet security expert to do this for you. Always ensure that you update your software. Purchase a copy of antivirus software. The security of your business should always come first.

With the three tips discussed above, you should be able to enjoy the functions of your software for a much longer time. By using the tips provided, you will also save your business some money. Get a software consulting firm to assist you in implementing these tips. However, if you can be consistent in maintaining your software, there is no need of hiring the software consulting firm. I would suggest that you run these maintenance procedures as the need arises. Waiting for a specific date or delay in maintaining your software will turn out to be too costly in the end. Always stay ahead of any threats to your company in relation to your field service management software.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Use of Hvac Service Management Software

Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning (Hvac) service industry is one of the fastest growing industries in most of out of our economies. Many investors have channeled most of their funds into the Hvac industry. This resulted in a boom of the number of companies involved in this industry. As a result, the Hvac industry employs millions. The growth of the Hvac industry does not seem to let up any time soon. With extreme weather and changing consumer tastes, players in the Hvac industry have adopted new technologies to help them meet the current demands
Hvac service management software is one of the most useful technologies in the business. Most companies involved in the Hvac industry have adopted service management software in the running of their businesses. Adoption of Hvac service management software is a matter of business necessity. Companies that wish to compete in the industry will require Hvac service management software to stay ahead of the game. Individual contractors in the Hvac industry are also adopting software to manage their business. This demand for Hvac service management software has pushed developers to include more features in the software they use to match the needs of the Hvac industry.
What are the benefits of Hvac service management software? For one, this software is important for businesses that are trying to manage their costs. Being sloppy or slow is deadly for the survival of any business. Therefore, adopting Hvac service management software helps in managing costs that would otherwise have been lost because of inefficiency.  New business owner in this industry are especially using this kind of software to assist them get a footing. It is important to keep costs low at the initial stages of running a business. Hvac service management software is one of the ways to keep costs down.
Speaking of efficiency, Hvac service management software is a great way to manage one’s staff. Some software companies include features in their software that can help business owners manage their staff. How does this software achieve this? Hvac service management software automates the processes that are involved in the running of businesses. One of the most time consuming processes in running a business is the management of staff. By automating this process, Hvac service management software makes it easier for business owners to run their businesses. This makes Hvac service management software a necessity in the running of modern businesses.
Hvac service management software is also important in managing the service contracts in the business. Most business owners in the Hvac industry run several contracts at once. Some business owners own companies that are involved in all the facets of the Hvac industry. Hence, their businesses have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning department. For such businesses, coordination of the processes involved in the day-to-day running of the business is necessary. Adopting Hvac service management software goes a long way in assisting such business owners to manage the multiple demands of their clients. This software is increasingly crucial for anyone involved in the Hvac industry.  

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What to Consider Before Purchasing Field Service Management Software For Your Business

Field management contracts are lucrative. You can easily make over a million dollars in one contract. This amount of money does come with a price. Clients are quite demanding. To meet these demands, it is a good idea to purchase Field Service Management Software.
Who Created the Software?
Just like other products, the creator of the software matters. For your money’s worth, buy software from a reputable company. Get the software from their authorized distributors. There are too many pirated copies floating around in the market. Buying the software from a software distributor is a good way of ensuring that the product you have is genuine. You also get to receive a warranty for the software. Considering the amount of money at stake in field service contracts, a warranty protects you in the event of product failure.
The Size of Your Business
You may be either an entrepreneur or a big company. The size of your business determines the type of software you will purchase. If you handle one or two contracts at a go, get a Field Service Management Software that will serve the needs of your company. The needs of a big company will be different from those of the small company. If you are a big company, consult your IT technicians before the purchase. Choose a company this gives you the option of a testing period for the software. Evaluate the suitability of the software during this period.
The Software’s Usability
The ease of usability of the software will affect the smooth running of your business. You can consult several rating agencies on the usability of the software. However, their ratings usually apply to software available on the market. For tailor made software, you will have to test the usability yourself. You may hire a professional to test this for you. You may also go this yourself. By asking for a test period, you are able to test the software at no cost to yourself. Take your time if it is your first time to test software.
The Price
Yes, you are making money with on your field service contracts. But, there is no point of using a large chunk of that money on purchasing Field Service Management Software. You will have to shop around for the best price in the market. If you are creating the software from scratch, keep in mind that the best programmers do not come cheap. Spare no expense to get the best programmer. However, do not go overboard. Negotiate if necessary. You can also opt to get a cheaper programmer from an online job site. Whatever option you choose, quality comes first.
By keeping these factors in mind, you have an opportunity to purchase the best Field Service Management Software for your business. Always take your time when shopping for the software. It may be a good idea to seek the advice of a professional during your purchase. This gives you an upper hand in making the best choice. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Integrate Field Service Management Software in Your Business

Software is the Holy Grail for any 21st Century business. No other age in history has witness the speed of innovation in software technology. Most business modern day businesses use software to increase the profit margins in their business. However, the poor integration of software in your business is detrimental in the end. This is especially the case if the business is using Field Management Software. Such software is only as good as the level of its integration in your business. The most important step when it comes to integration starts when you acquire the software.
Many businesses are trying to cut costs just to stay afloat or to maintain their profit margins. Some field service businesses are facing very hard times as most contracts have dried up thanks to the financial crisis. Usually, the first casualty when businesses are cutting down is to reduce the cost of business expenditures they consider as ‘unnecessary luxury’. Some businesses are resulting to getting the cheapest Field Service Management Software in the market. Others are hiring the cheapest coders to create Field Service Management Software for them.
While this looks cheap at the outset, it can turn out to be very expensive in the end. By buying software of the market, you are shutting your business of the possibility of acquiring tailor made software. A cheapskate attempt at acquiring software by hiring the cheapest coder in the market will also backfire on you in the future. Poorly made software is not only difficult to use, it does expose your business to system failures. Should this occur, you end up losing more money than you intended to save by hiring a cheap software coder to create a Field Service Management Software for your business.
Cheap software also exposes your business to different security threats. You open up the possibility of interruption in your business from malware and virus infection. The worst can occur if hackers end up accessing sensitive information to the detriment of your business. To avoid this, hire a competent person or firm to integrate the Field Management Software with your business. A very professional team that is capable of integrating this kind of software with your business runs our blog. Should you require professional high quality services, we are capable of creating and integrating software with your business.
For the best results when it comes to integration, train your employees on how the Field Management Software works. You can either organize for some in house training sessions or hire a software coder to help your employees learn the workings of the software. Our business also specializes in providing these services. We have the knowledge and work experience in training employees in business for purposes of better integration of the software in the business. Regularly update your employees on any changes. This is especially important in field service contracts that require efficient coordination between the intentions of the owner and his employees.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The importance of Appliance Service Software

With lack of proper management, the logistics involved in running an appliance service business can easily turn into a nightmare. Not only can you lose clients by failure to manage your service business well, poor service could lead to lawsuits from your clients. Hence, the proper management of the business is the first Appliance Service Software to help you manage your business. You should be able to use this software in different areas of your business.
priority of any business owner who intends to survive in this kind of market. The best way to achieve results is to use
First, this software goes a long way in helping you market your business. You can use this software in tracking the effectiveness of the marketing of your business. As a business owner, you are probably using different marketing techniques to get the information of your business to the market. However, to know the effectiveness of your marketing results, you need to compare the results of the marketing with an inflow of clients. You can use Appliance Service Software to help you gauge the success of your marketing efforts. This is a serious plus for your appliance business.
Second, Appliance Service Software eliminates paperwork for your business. Most businesses become ineffective because of poor management of paperwork. Considering the amount of orders some businesses receive, the paperwork can take numerous space in the business. Buy all these papers also costs a fortune. By using Appliance service software, you eliminate the need for paperwork in your business thus reducing the space required for your business. This is essential especially for new entrepreneurs who try to maximize all the space that they have. This also helps in cutting down many costs. This software saves you space, time, and money.
Third, this software helps you manage your business effectively. You can be able to track down any client orders that you have. You can also know what clients your business is serving at any given particular point of time. Moreover, you are able to manage your team involved in appliance service business. What this means for your business is that you have more control as to what your staff is doing. You know what they are doing at any particular time. You also know what tasks are in progress and what is still pending. You can therefore run your business efficiently.
Lastly, this software helps you track the information on the equipment you are working on. This is important in giving your clients the best service that you possibly can. Since service is everything in business, you will use this software if you are serious about keeping your clients happy. Once you have serviced an appliance, you also want to make sure that the appliances go to the client who handed them in. You do not want your business to gain a reputation of losing appliances or handing appliances to the wrong client. To avoid all this, use Appliance Service Software to manage the logistics of handing appliances to your clients.